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Shareholder Identification

Capital markets intelligence services traditionally begin with an audit of who currently owns the Issuers shares. ProxyRam’s unique methodology is based upon a fundamental understanding of how disclosure laws can be leveraged to obtain holdings from institutional and custodian bank compliance departments. This methodology (and experience) enables the team to decipher the custodian bank disclosures so that we can correctly identify the beneficial owners of the shares, who is making the investment decisions and who is controlling the voting power.

AGM/EGM Proxy Solicitation

With extensive global experience, ProxyRam is best positioned to advise on the most effective shareholder communications strategy. ProxyRam services minimise risk to management resolutions at both current and future shareholder meetings by focusing on preparatory analysis, meticulous execution and thorough review.



Shareholder Retail Proxy Solicitation

In situations requiring maximum participation of all shareholders with voting rights. ProxyRam can carry out a communication campaign of top 10 replica watches retail shareholders. A freephone number can also be provided, enabling retail shareholders to request transaction materials or background information about the transaction

Governance Engagement Roadshow

ProxyRam can organise a strategic targeted schedule of meetings with the corporate governance contacts at the issuer’s largest institutional investors. The service provides the issuer with the opportunity to engage directly with their shareholders’ internal voting decision