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Proxyram encourages shareholder engagement and saves companies time and money by getting to the heart of a resolution by identifying key concerns of Proxy Advisor Agencies (PAAs).

By having agreements with relevant PAAs. Proxyram is able to set up assessments on specific resolutions, where the user simply has to answer a series of questions which have been derived from the PAA policies. The questions are unique to Proxyram as they are based on the extensive knowledge of PAA policies. Policies are different whether you are a large or small company and Proxyram takes that into account.

The subsequent summary provides guidance on the expected outcome of the resolutions at the AGM, taking into account shareholders’ allegiance to specific PAAs. Users can run as many analytical reports as necessary to ensure the best possible impact of the resolutions.

Proxyram provides a board independence assessment based on proxy advisor policies.

Know your shareholders! With the increase in shareholder activism it is critical to understand and engage with your shareholder base. Users will have access to an extensive database exact replica watches which not only provides the key contact for the shareholder but also an overall voting governance profile.

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